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Species Inc. is an Ottawa-based ecological consulting firm providing strategic advice, species inventories, and reporting services to local, national, and international organisations. 


Species Inc. actively participates in a number of exciting national and international projects investigating the abundance and distribution of terrestrial species including species at risk.


Species Inc. works with a number of like-minded national and international NGOs, conservation authorities, government agencies, research institutions, and private companies. 

Species inventory specialists providing professional services to local, national, and international organisations.

Yellow-rumped Warbler by Hans Blokpoel
Welcome to Species Inc.
We are species inventory specialists who collaborate with the private and public sectors to inform on the state of our environment. Check out our project work!


Species Inc. is a Canadian ecological consulting company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Species Inc. strives to be an industry leader in providing cost-effective, efficient, and professional services on local and international scales. Species Inc. understands that by improving knowledge, cooperation, and diffusion of best practices across regions, as well as strengthening local capacities for environmental stewardship, it is possible to promote biodiversity conservation while developing sustainably in the process. Our passion for wildlife biology allows us to make positive and lasting contributions to many organisations' initiatives towards biodiversity and, in turn, provide the tools for a better future and create a propensity for lasting change.   


363 Waverley Street

Ottawa ON, Canada K2P 0W4

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