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Species Inc. has experience within a number of sectors. We specialise in species inventories and are fully capable of handling multifaceted projects, just ask! From point counts to environmental impact assessments, Species Inc. is glad to assist with any of your project needs. Our diverse team of experts thrives on challenge and has been part of many exciting projects over the years. See for yourself!

Birds, Bats, and Beyond:

Our Birds, Bats, and Beyond Initiative is a shared and collaborative means to develop species data in regions all over the globe. Transboundary Citizen Science initiatives will engage,  empower and train local citizens to aid in the conservation and protection of local bird and bat populations (e.g. monitoring seabird colonies on remote islands).


Species Inc. would like to partner on projects between international collaborators about the state (abundance and distribution) of birds and bats. We collaborate with like-minded governmental agencies, conservation authorities, NGOs, to address issues associated with resident and migratory species of birds and bats at local levels with transboundary  preservation in mind. Species Inc. continues its methodology with educational programs suited to each client's needs. The idea is to build a shared database regarding the state of abundance and distribution of resident and migratory birds and bats while paying close attention to species at risk. Please contact us if you would like to participate in any of these areas.

Bird Tracking: Radar Work

Species Inc. can use radars to target various species of birds moving across the landscape and offer an interactive depiction of the sky.  We can then use all the tracks to make a movie of the activity! We use the radar to detect individual birds and then use the stored track data to extract information like groundspeed, bearing and altitude for individuals. We can also identify the time and altitude that each individual bird was detected, as well as the number of birds that were detected on any particular night.

Image credit:: Andy Anissimoff
Image credit:: Ryan Zimmerling

Bird and Bat Acoustics:

Birds and bats make plenty of sounds and we use acoustic sensors to capture the action. The resulting waveforms and spectrograms contain useful information that allow our biologists to determine the different species of birds and bats present at any given time. We then look at this information over time to illustrate the biodiversity in a specific area. Plenty of different species, including species at risk, might inhabit or fly over an area. What we find might surprise you!

Image credit:: Wildlife Acoustics 2016

Mortality Surveys:

Silver-haired bats are one among many bat species that fall victim to wind turbines. Bird and Bat mortality Surveys are an important post-construction monitoring service to help determine the impact of wind energy developments on both birds and bats. The data generated also serves to advise on the future siting of wind turbines. 

Image credit:: Mike Anissimoff
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